Hi! I’m Nikki, The Writing Goddess. I help job hunters executive megastars business owners get noticed and hired! Don’t be shy, get in touch!

Position Yourself Well For Your Next BIG Opportunity

Job Hunters

Update your resume to tell a career story that satisfies applicant tracking systems and gets hiring managers curious about you.

Executive Megastars

Build a Bio that demonstrates your professional prowess while sharing your entrepreneurial story.

Business Owners

Gain web content that gives your prospective clients and customers the information and inspiration they need to buy your brand.

Nikki Igbo, The Writing Goddess

Hello, I’m Nikki Igbo and I understand how difficult it is to write a personal resume or bio–or capture an entire professional timeline in 1000 words or less. The same people who truly care about doing their job well typically aren’t the best at bragging about their accomplishments.

Certifications & Affiliations

“Super happy to let you know that I’ve just been offered a position at Google—in large part thanks to your help with my resume and helping me to get my foot in the door!”

“After a long conversation with The Writing Goddess to review my goals, challenges, and what I wanted to accomplish in my bio—she was able to translate my rambling jargon into beautiful words that jumped off the page.”

“Guess who got their first interview this morning? All because of you!”