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Ladies, Are You Letting Your Resume Roar?

Over the past decade, I’ve written scores of resumes for folks ranging from recent college graduates to IT wizards to top brass military agents to multinational venture capitalists to   fashion designers to nonprofit directors…. I could go on.   No matter the industry, years of experience, home location, political background or educational history in question, […]

How to Properly Share an Accomplishment on Your Resume

When citing your achievements, you want to LEAD WITH THE RESULTS. Why? Hiring managers are busy people and don’t have time to read each resume that comes across their desk as if it is a juicy romance novel. They mostly skim to look for the meat that matters to them, and if they can’t find […]

Just how well are you telling your professional story?

Are you actively communicating who you are on your business website? Do your potential clients get a good sense of your background, your values, your commitment to service excellence or your friendliness and sense of humor? Are articles about you engaging and illuminating or vague and sales-focused? Does your résumé articulate what an asset you […]

How to Avoid 5 Common Grammar Goofs

Certain homonyms and expressions are often the bane of good writing. Mixing up the spelling of words that sound alike can be costly when finalizing an important writing project. To make sense of English’s most common mix-ups and to save on time and money, remember the following.              

Don’t Just Share How You Work. Share How You Shine!

No matter your industry or management level, competition for the position you want is out there—particularly if the job offers great benefits. Therefore, it’s not enough to share a resume that states you know how to do the job. Instead, it is critical to use this two-page opportunity to broadcast how your unique knowledge and […]

Should You List Your College Experience if You Didn’t Earn a Degree? Yes!

Some of the most creative, innovative and outstanding talents I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing for did not receive their college degree though they did attend (or are currently attending) college. Despite their many career accomplishments, they often regard their lack of a degree as a fault and therefore omit the education section from […]

Why Not to Share Your Complete Home Address on a Resume

When listing your contact information at the top of your resume, there is no need to list your entire home address. In fact, it is best not to. Many companies tend to discriminate based on your proximity to their location. The reasons range from not wanting to hire out-of-state applicants to believing that an applicant […]