A little bit about me and the lore on how I became The Writing Goddess. The Writing Goddess.

Hello, I’m Nikki Igbo and I understand how difficult it is to write a personal resume or bio–or capture an entire professional timeline in 1000 words or less. The same people who truly care about doing their job well typically aren’t the best at bragging about their accomplishments. They forget about the successful 200-guest event they planned while working full time and attending online classes. They forget about that workshop they taught a couple of years back that students raved about. They forget they are really good at using Adobe Premiere Pro. They forget that they know a little HTML. They don’t mean to forget. They’re just busy being outstanding…too busy to keep track of just how outstanding they are.

I love my job because I get a chance to show my clients how great they are. I get to ask them the questions that help them to recall their unique talents and speak with confidence on the results they’ve delivered. I get to watch nervous graduates,  anxious career changers and cautious entrepreneurs transform into confident, self-aware candidates, authoritative industry experts and confident business mavens. The miracle takes place in the mindset. I’m here to help my clients claim their blessing simply by shaping their vocational and business brands.

When not creatively telling personal and business brand stories, you can find me podcasting, creating a TikTok or helping my two sons discover the world.